Essay on my favorite Subject

My favorite subject is Science. I love science because it makes me excited to learn about new technology. I always get good marks in Science because my teacher teaches best. He makes us imagine things rather than saying only the things written in the books.

Why do I like my Favorite subject?

There are many reasons why I like Science. Firstly it enhances my technical thinking. It makes me imagine things that improve my imagination skills. I love to explore new happenings in Science and technology. Further, science gives me the habit of questioning. Wonders of Science always excite me to do my best in terms of technological innovations.

essay on my favorite subject

10 line essay on my favorite subject.

  1. Science is my favorite subject because I love to explore new forms of knowledge.
  2. I love reading about Scientists.
  3. My favorite scientist is Albert Einstein.
  4. I want to become a great Scientist in the future.
  5. In my Science Subject, I like each and every chapter because they give us a great amount of knowledge.
  6. Science subject Improves my imagination skills.
  7. Science subject also helps me to improve my technical skills.
  8. It helps me to learn new experiments.
  9. I like to visit the Science lab and see experiments done by my seniors.
  10. I like to play with magnet, I have learned from our science book that magnet has a magnetic field.

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