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Why are forests important for mitigating Climate Change?

Forests are important for mitigating Climate Change because they provide one of the most important strategies to deal with climate change i.e. Carbon Sink. Here are a few facts from the Article. Overview of the problem. Due to excess greenhouse gases, the atmosphere of the earth contains more trapped heat. This causes an increase in … Read more

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What is Ozone Layer? 5 top facts and diagram.

The ozone layer protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays by absorbing them before they reach Earth’s surface. The ozone layer is made up of three layers that surround our planet. It absorbs most of the sun’s UV radiation, protecting life on Earth from dangerous levels of UV exposure. Where is the ozone layer located? The … Read more

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Nature Culture, 3 best ideas

Nature Culture is a relationship that has been considered deeply by various philosophies. It gives us the idea that Nature and Culture are mutually co-existent. For a long time, there was an idea that Nature and Culture are separate entities called Nature Culture dichotomy. However constant interrogation of scholarly ideas has led to the precise … Read more

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The Melting of Glaciers and Effects

The melting of Glaciers is of wide concern for the Earth. A major cause is global warming and the effect is the sea-level rise and the formation of glacial lakes. On school days, everyone has read that water freezes below 0 degrees Celsius. You can imagine, what would happen when the temperature rises to 1 … Read more

Our common future

Summary: ‘Our Common Future’ (Brundtland Commission Report)

OUR COMMON FUTURE or Brundtland Commission Report named after the former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland was published by United Nation in 1987. The report is a meticulous attempt to understand persisting socio-economic and environment-related problems around the globe. The central theme of the report is ‘sustainability’, and aspirations to achieve sustainable development. This … Read more

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Essay on Tiger for children.

The tiger is the national animal of India. It is a carnivorous animal that feeds upon other herbivorous animals. We find tigers in many places across the world. However, the population of tigers decreased due the pollution and excess human activities. In China, people earn money while selling nails and other portions of the tiger. … Read more