What Caused Sikkim Floods 2023, Is it a Climate Emergency?

Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs) pose significant dangers and have a range of negative impacts. One of the most alarming consequences is the loss of human lives. The devastating event that occurred in Kedarnath in 2013 is a reminder of the destructive potential of GLOFs. The cloudburst triggered an outburst of the Chorabari Glacier lake, … Read more

Nature Culture, 3 best ideas

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Nature Culture is a relationship that has been considered deeply by various philosophies. It gives us the idea that Nature and Culture are mutually co-existent. For a long time, there was an idea that Nature and Culture are separate entities called Nature Culture dichotomy. However constant interrogation of scholarly ideas has led to the precise … Read more

Milankovitch Cycles, 3 important motions

Milankovitch cycles are the cyclical motions related to the Earth’s orbit. It was discovered by a Serbian Scientist named Milutin Milanković. According to the Milankovitch theory, there is variation in heat coming to the earth from the sun during different kinds of orbital phases. The Milankovitch Cycles also deal with changes in climatic patterns. Image … Read more