‘Be Present’. 3 best ideas great people follow to be in present.

Ever wondered what it is like to be present and why the past haunts you?

here is a solution for you to be in present!!!!!

It is really tough for people to recover from past life regrets. Life gives chance to be present but the mind has to be active to understand it. Being present or to be in present is not about forgetting the past life too, it’s all about accepting the past. There are various cases where people try hard, they accept all the measures of control. Although, they fail. This all happens because the major thing they miss is reality. Trying to understand our own existence is the essence of being in present. Life always gives chances but you need proper wisdom to understand it.

‘Be Present’ is all about accepting the past.

Teens are the most vulnerable to the downs of life. However, adults also face past life regrets. The most common misconception in people about the past is; trying to forget it. Psychology is common, whenever people try to avoid unwanted memories, it multiplies. Sometimes, it results in making people addicted to alcohol and drugs. There is no doubt that the use of these products will temporarily make you be in the present. Although, there is a heavy price to pay for it.

The price here to be present is your life itself. There are examples of people who have lost their valuable life after attempts of being in present. It is either after trying alcohol or drugs or before. As per the World Health Organization, yearly 800,000 people die because of suicide. Common understanding suggests, it happens because they are afraid to face the situation. Some die because of failure and some because of stress.

There is a question in the mind of people “I have tried everything to accept my past, but I am unable to be in present, why?”

You should develop a firm understanding that life is not about past anxiety. It’s all about hormones and neurons. Whenever you think of the past, the intelligent brain makes your body release some hormones. These are the chemicals released by the body during specific functions. One of the major stress hormones is cortisol. In the same way, when you are thrilled, oxytocin is released by the body.

The neurons, the tiny thread-like things in the body that makes you aware of these. Further, the cells and brain stores your memory and try to process it through neurons. So, what if I say, understanding the neuron pattern will make to be present? Yes, it’s true. It might be paradoxical but there is more to it.

What’s the point of taking stress about the past when your past is all about your neural activities?

To be in present is to know yourself.

People might say the question ‘Who am I?” is about spirituality. Yes, it is but in the modern philosophic framework, it is the essence of your existence. This is called Existentialism. You don’t need to be spiritual to be present. You just need to understand reality through the perspective of Optimism.

The question “Who are you?” is the essence of being in present.
“Be present by Knowing”

Our body is merely a collection of Particles bundled into Cells. However, there is always a true ‘you’ living inside the body. Remember that people having no hands, no legs, no eyes, etc. also tend to live a good life. They live because they believe in reality and that reality is to be present. Keep on questioning your heart “Who am I?” and try to get the answer spoken from within. You are definitely not the material of stress or anxiety; you are more than just the hormones. You are a better person having free choice. You can do whatever you want.

‘Be present’ is being satisfied.

There is no satisfaction unless your desires are fulfilled. Your past desires which were not fulfilled was not because you were not worth it. This only means, there were some permutations in your neurons or hormones in the past. It hampers your chance to be present. The failure happened because there were fewer efforts.

Now, it’s time to move on with a new and better version of you. You have learned from your mistakes and now you are ready to find true ‘you’. This true you is always free from bad memories, you are stronger because you have accepted why it happened. If someone or something did hurt you, you were not hurt. It was your neuron or hormone. So yes, you can be present but understanding is the key to success.

There are various techniques to be present and to be satisfied. The best technique is to find your own existence. Believe me, this will make you travel the whole universe within you. Your eyes see, try to understand why and how your eyes see light. Your ears hear, try to understand how your ears hear sound waves. Your tongue tastes, try to understand how you got that taste. These inferences will certainly give you the best meaning of life. It is ‘Truth’.

This is all our website is about. ‘Optimistic Nihilism’.

There are tons of videos on YouTube for understanding reality. The search bar is all yours, you just need to start typing your words to search the reality.

However, don’t forget to develop a question within you ‘Who am I?’. You will certainly get the whole universe within you. There shall be no regrets of the past, and tension of the future.

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