Hurray! We are optimistic and based on ” Optimism”, that’s our niche.

Everybody owns a scientific story of life, art, and motivation. We know the fact that each nation has its own story to tell so do we. We are in Scientific Nation, which’s a combination of all the Universes, called Multiverse.  We human beings are fortunate to have developed our own language so that stories can be shared with each other. Scientific Nation shares stories of the people who have the potential to motivate others so that people can follow their dreams for optimistic and happy living.

We just tend to make people happy and optimistic!

Along with it, there are septillions of things that don’t have anything to say. It is the work of people involved in Science, Art, and Research to make them tell their stories. We make all speak through research and presenting it in the simplest of the language possible. The reader develops a sense of non-discrimination between big and small, science and arts, and many many more, further by creating a meaning of the meaningless present. Live a colorful life by making all speak and raise above.

Get ready for the journey of life in the Scientific Nation because a citizen of a multiverse has a story. If you are interested in Eastern Philosophy you can read our other blog, Scientific Monk. For your reference, see the sample article on Indian Philosophy Origin.

How we frame our Content?

We know that you are curious to know about the things as it is. But, do you know in modern academia also a person involved in one specialization cannot understand the one with another specialization. For an example let’s take an example, I can tell a statement like this The biasness in the classifiers based on support vector machines and artificial neural networks cannot be ignored in the identification of debris from the non-debris glaciers.

Did you understood the statement fully?

I guess not unless you know both Artificial Intelligence and Glaciology at the same time. People don’t understand academic research unless things are explained in a simple way.

We call this a reductionist view. And, yes this is an ethical hacking of the academia for the common good of expanding the knowledge.


Arpan Sharma ( Kaudinya Arpan), Editor and Founder.

Ajit Kumar, Author and Editorial Advisor.

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