10 Lines on Pollution for Children and Students in English

In these 10 lines on pollution, we are going to understand why pollution is the most dangerous problem faced by Earth. We will also see the potential solution to the problem of pollution.

Set1: 10 Lines on Pollution in English

  1.  When the environment is contaminated with polluting agents, it is called pollution.
  2. There are various types of pollution but the major ones are Air pollution and Water
  3.  Human activities that harm the environment are majorly responsible for pollution.
  4. There are also natural causes of pollution.
  5. The natural causes of pollution are the flow of sediments in the river.
  6. Forest fires and volcanoes are also sources of pollution.
  7. Pollution happens on a regional scale.
  8. The polluted environment is responsible for major health issues.
  9. Polluted air damages our lungs.
  10. Polluted water makes us suffer from various diseases.
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Set 2: 10 Lines on Pollution.

  1. 3Rs namely Reuse, Reduce and Recycle have to be followed to reduce Pollution.
  2. Reuse is to use of products like plastics repeatedly because they are non-biodegradable.
  3. Reduce is to compromise in the use of polluting substances majorly plastic.
  4. Recycling is using suitable measures to transform the polluting agent for suitable use.
  5. Acid Rain is caused by pollution.
  6. In New Delhi, each year pollution hampers the life of the people.
  7. Noise pollution is also one of the major problems in India
  8. The burning of fossil fuels is majorly responsible for air pollution.
  9. The throwing of waste is responsible for both soil and water pollution.
  10. We have to plant more and more trees to fight all forms of pollution.

Set 3: 10 points on pollution.

  1. The availability of natural resources is hampered by pollution.
  2.  The burning of cigarettes also causes local air pollution.
  3. In India, open defecation was also one of the major sources of water pollution.
  4. Thousands of people die from the harmful impact of pollution.
  5. In Agricultural land use of chemical fertilizers led to soil pollution.
  6. Organic farming is the best solution for soil pollution.
  7. From nuclear plants harmful substances are left in an open environment, this is called radioactive pollution.
  8. Nuclear Pollution is the most dangerous of pollution.
  9. Deforestation also causes pollution.
  10. Afforestation is the major solution for the long-term problem of all forms of pollution.
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Set 4: 10 points essay on pollution.

  1.  When any unwanted foreign substances are introduced into the environment, it is called pollution.
  2.  Human beings have caused the majority of the pollution.
  3. All forms of pollution in the combined form are called “Environmental Pollution”.
  4. The three types of Environmental Pollution are Air pollution, Water pollution, and Land pollution.
  5. Every Pollution has a harmful impact on the environment.
  6. The existence of natural resources is hampered by pollution.
  7. The soil quality is being reduced for agriculture due to the excess use of chemical fertilizers.
  8. The most common problem faced by people in the world is pollution.
  9. Planting more and more trees is only the major solution.
  10. We have to stop using plastics in order to reduce the harmful impact of pollution.

Set 5: 10 line essay on pollution.

  1. Pollution is one of the most serious problems faced by people.
  2. It has caused the earth’s biggest problem which we call global warming.
  3. Many sea animals have died due to water pollution.
  4. Human beings are majorly responsible for all kinds of pollution.
  5. Pollution increased rapidly after the time of industrialization.
  6. There are many damages that cannot be reversed.
  7. We have hope of fighting the harmful impacts of all forms of pollution.
  8. It is very much harmful to all the species living on Earth.
  9. Many species have become extinct and many have become vulnerable.
  10. Reducing human desire is one of the major solutions to all forms of pollution.