An Essay on global warming and effects.

In the whole earth’s history, Global warming is one of the biggest problems faced by the earth. The glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, rivers are drying, states are facing droughts and many more problems are caused by global warming. In India so far thousands of people are affected due to the harmful impacts of global warming.

A global warming essay: (Lines)

  1. Global warming is caused due to presence of excess greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  2. It has caused damage to many species on Earth.
  3. Many birds and animals have become extinct and many are vulnerable.
  4. The cause of global warming is the burning of fossil fuels in industries and vehicles or airplanes which sends harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  5. We need to plant more and more trees to absorb the harmful greenhouse gases and save the earth from global warming.
Forest fire due to global warming

An Essay on Global Warming.

Global warming is caused due to excess greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere. We know that the greenhouse effect is a natural process. The major greenhouse present in the atmosphere is carbon dioxide. They trap the heat of the sun to make our earth warm, if the greenhouse gases were not present in the atmosphere, the earth would have been cool. However, in modern days there is more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. They trap more heat from the sun. It makes our earth hotter.

Majorly global warming is happening since the year 1760. This time period is called industrialization. Various factories were made during this time only which we still have today in large numbers. The smoke from the factories releases a very high amount of greenhouse gases. This is the first major reason why global warming is a reality now.

In present days the sources of greenhouse gases are industries and most vehicles, airplanes, etc. which we call automobiles. They are increasing as the demand for people is increasing. It has been really a very painful task for different country leaders to fight the negative impacts of climate change.

We all know that trees take carbon dioxide and give oxygen. However, people are cutting trees in more numbers for various purposes. This process is called deforestation. It is also one of the causes of Global Warming. Another cause is urbanization. People from the villages are shifting to the cities rapidly for comfort. This is causing pressure on natural resources, especially the forests.

Global warming in a broader term is also known as Climate Change. it has caused damage to the environment to such an extent that it cannot be returned to its original condition. There are various plants and animals that have gone extinct. Many more species are vulnerable and need protection. We need to fight globally at any cost. The only way, for now, is to plant more and more trees.

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