Essay on Climate Change for Students.

Climate change is a phenomenon in which there is a change in weather patterns and environmental conditions for a longer period of time. Climate change is not a new thing. It has been happening since the formation of the earth. However now due to the excess human influence, the temperature of the earth is rising to a new high after the 1760s. The changes cause many harmful effects on human life as well as other species. We are on the verge of six mass extinctions, where five already have happened. This sixth mass extinction is also known as anthropogenic mass extinction caused by human beings.

What is the difference between climate and weather?

To start with, there is a need to understand the difference between Climate and Weather. Weather is the daily or weekly or even yearly pattern of environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, precipitation, etc. A climate is a long-term observation of the same things. The classical time period assigned for one climatic scale is 30 years. So when we consider 30 years then only we can say it is a climate. It is also called climate normal.

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When did the climate start changing?

The climate started changing since the beginning of the earth. There have been instances of the ice age and its extinction. However, due to the industrialization and industrial revolution after the 1760s, the climate of the earth has been changing rapidly. 

Why Climate Change is happening?

The reason is simple. It is all because of human activities. The one and only reason is an accumulation of excess greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are one of the most significant and important parts of the earth’s ecosystem. They trap the heat of the sun to make the earth warm. If the greenhouse gases would have not been there. Earth would have been too cold to live. However, due to burning of the fossil fuel, there has been increasing in air pollution. It has caused more accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It causes overheating of the earth.

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What are the anthropogenic causes of Climate Change?

Anthropogenic causes refer to the human-induced causes of Climate change. Human activities like deforestation have caused greenhouse gas-absorbing plants to go extinct. The other reason is the burning of fossil fuels which sends greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. However, the joint efforts of all the nations have resulted in one small success i.e. control of CFC (Chloro Fluoro Carbon). We have successfully controlled the emission of CFC from the earth.

What will be our common future?

Our common future is not only the phrase but a new idea that the world requires. In the Brundtland Commission Report, there is mention of the term Sustainable Development. We have to focus on holistic development in the terms of social, economic, and environmental factors. There can be holistic development only if there is a joint effort of people and the government is accepted. Various NGOs, Organisations, and activists have already joined hands to fight climate change. It’s high time, we must come together and fought climate change for our common future.

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