10 lines on importance of trees and the benefits of the plantation.

Trees play a vital role in taking carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles and industries. Their plantation helps us in the maintenance of our environment. We know that while breathing we take oxygen and give carbon dioxide. Trees do just the opposite, they take carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. Here we will see 10 lines of trees and a plantation.

First Set.

  1. Trees give us fresh oxygen.
  2. Trees help in fighting climate change and global warming.
  3. Trees keep the environment fresh.
  4. Trees give shelter to many birds.
  5. Birds prepare their nests in the Trees.
  6. Trees are the shelter for many animals.
  7. Birds and animals eat fruits from the trees.
  8. The roots of the trees absorb water and keep the mountain water fresh.
  9. Amazon forests absorb a large number of carbon dioxide emitted from industries and vehicles.
  10. The plantation of trees is needed in order to save dying animals.

Second set of 10 lines on the importance of trees.

  1. Leaves of some of the trees are used as medicine.
  2. Trees give us wood to make furniture.
  3. Trees take the harmful carbon dioxide and give us oxygen.
  4. Human beings are cutting trees in more amounts than needed.
  5. The cutting of trees is called deforestation.
  6. The plantation of more and more trees is called afforestation.
  7. 5th June is celebrated as world environment day, we plant more and more trees.
  8. World tree day is celebrated on 21st March every year.
  9. There are many non-governmental organizations and governments that help in planting trees.
  10. United Nations also help developing countries plant trees.

Third Set.

  1. There are many trees which are planted outside the forests.
  2. The trees planted outside the forests give lesser oxygen than the trees planted in the forests.
  3. Trees are very much essential for life.
  4. Many forests in Africa have tribal people whom we need to protect.
  5. In India, we have very less amount of forests that have trees.
  6. In North-Eastern India, people burn trees in order to do farming.
  7. The burning of plants and trees for agriculture is called slash-and-burn agriculture.
  8. We learn about trees and plants in the subject called botany.
  9. Bamboo grows very fast, it is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world.
  10. Sunlight is essential for the survival of trees.

Here is a video from Simply E-Learn Kids on the importance of trees.

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