10 lines on my school for students.

Set 1: 10 Lines on my school:

  1. The name of my school is Central Point Academy.
  2. My school is located in one of the most beautiful states of India.
  3. My school has 10 Teachers and 100 students.
  4. I love my teachers.
  5. My favorite subject in my school is science.
  6. I also like mathematics subject.
  7. My teachers teach me very well in school.
  8. I do my homework regularly.
  9. The name of my favorite teacher in my school is Mr. Keshav Pandey.
  10. My school conducts tests to make sure we become more talented.

Set 2: 10 Lines on my school.

  1. My school has a big playground.
  2. I play football and cricket in games period with my friends.
  3. We also plant various trees in our school.
  4. In our school, a dustbin is used to keep the garbage.
  5. Our teachers say we have to throw the waste in the dustbin.
  6. Along with studies we also have moral studies class.
  7. We learn many life lessons in school.
  8. My school is located in Sikkim state.
  9. It is an English medium school.
  10. We study all of our subjects in English except the languages like Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, etc.

Set 3: 10 lines on my school.

  1. My School was established in the year 1942.
  2. My school is the oldest school in the state.
  3. My parents also read in the same school.
  4. My school has given various great people to society.
  5. I respect all the teachers at my school.
  6. My school has students from class nursery to class 12.
  7. The surrounding of my school is very clean.
  8. We have 50 teachers and 1000 students in our school.
  9. My school is the best school in the world.
  10. Everyone in my school is very friendly.

Set 4: 10 Lines on my school.

  1. The name of my school is Delhi Public School.
  2. It is situated in Varanasi.
  3. We have the best teachers from Uttar Pradesh.
  4. I love my school.
  5. My school has a big library where we read books.
  6. I and my best friend met at Kinder Joy School.
  7. We have 20 rooms in our school.
  8. My school is an English medium school.
  9. Besides studies, we play and we learn karate in our school.
  10. We respect our teachers.

Set 5: 10 Lines on my School.

  1. My school is located 1km away from my home.
  2. The school bus used to pick me up for school.
  3. The driver who takes us to school is very good.
  4. We talk about good things while sitting on the school bus.
  5. Teachers in my school say we have to use fewer vehicles.
  6. Our school also provides a mid-day meal.
  7. The environment around my school is very clean and green.
  8. We have 500 students in my school.
  9. My school has a big library and a laboratory.
  10. My school also has a hostel where many students live.