Essay on College Life.

group of friends hanging out

College life is the best years of one’s life. These three years or four years make one ready for the world. Some create the ladders of success during college life itself. And, some fail to achieve the best. Some students are more concerned about their studies while some are in the mode of full-on enjoyment. … Read more

Best essay on autumn season for kids.

red leaf trees near the road

The Autumn Season is also called the fall season. It is the time when the leaves fall to the ground that’s why it is known as fall. It is one of the driest seasons. Autumn Season comes just after the rainy season. The Autumn Season starts on the 22nd of September every year. This day … Read more

Essay on Dreams for Students.

dream text on green leaves

Dreams are a very important part of one’s life. Someone aspiring to get success should have a dream. There are many aims in life. However, without dreaming about them, there is no success. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam often said that we should never leave our dreams. We have to keep on dreaming. Here are two famous … Read more

Essay on Birds for students.

macro photography of colorful hummingbird

Birds are the most special creatures which we can ever see in the sky. They are incredible because they can fly in the sky. Often we imagine what would be it like to fly over the sky with wings. This is a fantasy of almost every individual on Earth. Once in life, we should have … Read more

An Essay on my favorite hobby.

An essay on my favorite hobby (150 words – 250 words) My favorite hobby is watching cartoons on television. I like to watch Chota Bheem and Rudra. Parents say that I should also watch News along with the Cartoons. The news gives us updates on what is happening in the day-to-day life of other people. … Read more