An essay on my favorite teacher.

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Lines on my favorite Teacher. An essay on my favorite teacher, short paragraphs. My favorite teacher is Miss Gunja, she is very much helpful to me in each and every field. Be it in schoolwork or be it in any other work. She is always helpful to me. My favorite school teacher is always smiling. … Read more

An essay on my best friend.

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Having a best friend is one of the greatest boons of life. We have many friends in our lives but a few become special ones. Out of all these special people, one is my best friend. We have been part of each other for a long time. We have shared our good times and bad … Read more

An Essay on my mother.

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My mother is an extraordinary person. She does every work in the home, yet manages to teach me life lessons. My mother has always supported me and encouraged me to follow my instincts. In each and every step of my life, she has supported me. I have learned the five Ds of life from her, … Read more

Essay on Library for Students.

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A library is one of the most peaceful places in the school or college. It gives us the power of silence. There is a flow of knowledge when we are silent. In the library, we maintain discipline and read books, newspapers, magazines, etc. They help us in improving our knowledge. It is very important for … Read more

Essay on Good Manners

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Good manners are very important in order to live a respectful life in society. Since our childhood, our parents told us to have good manners. Whenever we did something good we go a good remark and whenever we did bad things we got bad remarks. Good manners are very important for living a good life … Read more

Essay on my favorite Subject

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My favorite subject is Science. I love science because it makes me excited to learn about new technology. I always get good marks in Science because my teacher teaches best. He makes us imagine things rather than saying only the things written in the books. Why do I like my Favorite subject? There are many … Read more

Best Essay on importance of education.

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Education makes us live a wonderful and prosperous life. It makes us humble, respected, and professional. In the modern world, education is not only about teaching and learning. It is also about applying it in life for the greater good. In this best essay on the importance of education, we are going to discuss why … Read more

Essay on my daily routine

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I am the best student. I have my own daily routine to follow. I follow best practices to maintain my daily routine. I have many aims in my life. Maintaining a daily routine helps me to keep myself disciplined. My parents often say that I have to do my best to maintain my daily routine. … Read more

Essay on School Picnic

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A School Picnic is always a matter of fun. Sometimes we need a break from books and studies. Picnic is the best thing to do with friends. After, exams and during vacations, a picnic can be done at best. One of my favorite schools was that picnic at the Science Park in Sikkim. It was … Read more