Essay on Childhood Memories.

Childhood Memories are the natural process that shows what happened in our life. There are many good memories and there are many bad memories. However, childhood memories are the best when it comes to understanding the true us. Childhood memories are those which make us feel good. How cheerful were we used to be in those days? We need to think of this and make ourselves cheerful.

For many, the memories come with the song which they play. For some, it is when we see the places around. The best is the memories of us being kids. Each of the memories is not present with us but the memories which are present with us make us feel how we used to be and what we have become. The memories of the school are of the best kind.

Importance of Childhood Memories

Childhood memories are the best things that we pose as assets. These memories shape our thinking process. These type of memories has the ability to make us live wonderful life or stressful life. Those who have good childhood memories, tend to live a happier life. Those who have bad childhood memories tend to live stressful life.

It is certainly a fact that Childhood memories shape our future too. Whenever we think of the memories, they take us to those times. So when we have good memories, they give us the motivation to do good. However, if we have bad memories, they always demotivate us.

Our Childhood memories make us who we are. They also keep the child within us alive. No matter what there is always a child within us. We have to keep it alive in order to feel life. Sometimes, we see a child eating ice cream while rubbing their dirty hands all over their clothes. We also used to do similar kinds of stuff. At those times, there used to be no pressure on anything. We would do anything which we wanted.   

My experiences and Childhood Memories.

I remember, my family always supported me to focus on my skills. I used to be fond of cricket, sometimes I used to be late home after playing cricket. My parents used to shout at me but my grandparents understood me and used to take my side. The memories of school picnics, playing other games, and going to the library all are within me only.

Whenever I used to be sad my mother used to make me happy by cooking my favorite food. I remember the aroma of the food that my mother used to cook for me in childhood. Whenever I smell such foods, I go to those memories. I often go to my old school where most of my childhood was spent. Whenever I see the trees around, the playground, the swing, and the classrooms, I just feel those were the days.

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Some FAQs on Essay on Childhood Memories

Q.1 Why are Childhood Memories important?

A.1 Childhood memories are important because they shape our future from the past. They make us who we are.

Q.2 What are the best childhood memories?

A.2 The best childhood memories are those of vacations, sports, the aroma of the food, cultural fests, etc.