An Essay on my favorite hobby.

An essay on my favorite hobby (150 words – 250 words)

My favorite hobby is watching cartoons on television. I like to watch Chota Bheem and Rudra. Parents say that I should also watch News along with the Cartoons. The news gives us updates on what is happening in the day-to-day life of other people. It also helps us to understand what is happing around our country and the world.

Besides these two I also like to watch cricket and dance reality shows. They are really entertaining and help me to feel relaxed. A cricket match gives me a thrill especially when it is between India and Pakistan. My favorite cricketer is Virat Kohli. I like to watch him play on our television.

Hobbies are very important because the whole day we get tired in school. Our hobbies help us to feel relaxed and become happy in life. Some of my friends say a hobby can also be a good profession if we work hard.

We should never leave our hobby because it is only a way of relaxation. My parents always motivated me to follow my hobby. Besides watching TV my other hobbies are reading books, singing, cycling, and playing football.

Given below is the essay on points on my favorite hobby (composition).

Here is an essay on my dream.

10 line essay on my favorite hobby.

Set 1: Essay on my favorite hobby: 10 lines on Dancing

  1. My Favorite hobby is dancing.
  2. I love to dance because it makes me feel satisfied.
  3. I am learning Bharatnatyam from my dance teacher.
  4. I practice dance in my dance class.
  5. My mother is also a great dancer.
  6. I like the dancing of Nora Fatehi.
  7. My teacher says if I sweat while dancing, I will remain fit.
  8. I watch many reality shows on Television related to dancing.
  9. My dream is to become a great dancer and a choreographer.
  10. One day I will become a great dancer through my hard work.

Set 2: Essay on my favorite hobby: Cricket. (10 points)

  1. My favorite hobby is playing cricket with my friends.
  2. I like to bat but sometimes I also bowl.
  3. My favorite cricketer is Sachin Tendulkar.
  4. My father and I watch every match of the Indian Cricket Team.
  5. My father likes the captaincy of Mahindra Singh Dhoni.
  6. I play cricket with my friends on the weekends.
  7. We have a big playground near our home.
  8. One day I want to become a great player like Sachin Tendulkar or Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
  9. Our school organizes cricket tournaments frequently.
  10. My teachers say I am the best cricket player in the school.

Set 3: An essay on my favorite hobby: Reading Books.

  1. I love to read books and comics.
  2. My favorite comics are Spiderman and Iron Man.
  3. I also like to read storybooks.
  4. I learn many things while reading books.
  5. While reading books, I underline the important sentences.
  6. My English teacher says reading books helps us to improve our vocabulary.
  7. My English teacher also motivates us to read many books.
  8. My favorite author is J K Rowling.
  9. I want to become an author like her in the future.
  10. I will do hard work to become a good author.

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