Natural Intelligence vs Artificial, can AI replace human intelligence?

Natural Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence is one of the most trending topics in this decade. People have a deep question, can artificial intelligence replace human intelligence? However, if you are an Artificial Intelligence professional/student you probably know the answer.

Artificial Intelligence is just an attempt to generate Natural Intelligence in computers or machines. However, through mathematical formulations. Some people believe that artificial intelligence cannot replace human intelligence and some think it can replace human intelligence. Let’s see both perspectives through one lens.

Here are some points which we will be looking at in the whole article to solve the question, “Can artificial intelligence replace human intelligence?” The end will give you a shock.

  1. Natural intelligence is of more qualitative data but Artificial Intelligence can deal more with quantitative data. In qualitative data, natural attributes are present like color, sex, life quality, etc. Quantitative is just based on numbers like population. However, AI systems can be trained through algorithms like one-hot encoding to make them understand qualitative data too.
  2. Training is the key in both Natural and Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Natural intelligence is naturally biased however, AI and NI both can be trained to avoid biases. Although in the case of lesser training, AI systems can be highly biased. In NI, Natural biases are the form of friendship, politics, ideology, and much more.
  4. AI can take over only if natural intelligence is weak. However, there are very lesser chances as AI is just an attempt to develop human intelligence in machines/AI systems through a learning process.
  5. Social Media like Facebook uses Artificial Intelligence but there are cons associated with it.
  6. Artificial Intelligence is completely not about robots, it’s about developing a smart system for human beings or society. So, the imagination of robots taking over human beings is somewhat trivial but has a possibility.

Play of Bias in Natural Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

The Bias is vey much common and natural.

Due to ‘bias’ in thinking there comes natural bias in human beings. This ‘bias’ is valued much in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, however, in modern times majority of the Natural Intelligence misses it. Natural Intelligence has biases in terms of politics, friendships, favor, nepotism, and many more. The bias is just an amount of deviation from the original stuff. Let’s understand it through a thought experiment.

Natural Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

Assume, that your friend took $500 from you and returned only $400. When asked, he said, it’s because of the change in Dollar v/s Pound, the pound value increased so dollar value decreased.

You would think this to silly justification in terms of ‘friendship’. You would expect exact same amount as a return. Probably, you have developed a ‘bias’ towards him because of the trust.

The friendship is one form of ‘bias’ here and dollar vs pound is another form from the other guy. The former one is about human bias and the second one is about the bias of artificial Intelligence.

Let’s assume that there is a third guy looking at this incident.

The third guy had seen that your friend had adjusted the figure against the inflation and other economic variables but justified the only dollar vs pound. He used some artificial intelligence algorithms like ‘supervised classification/learning’ to come to the solution.

Now the main thing here is, qualitative v/s quantitate data processing. Inflation etc. can be quantified in the numbers but friendship and trust cannot be quantified much.

So basically Natural Intelligence uses more qualitative traces and Artificial Intelligence uses quantitative traits. 

The major difference between Artificial Intelligence and Natural intelligence is in terms of ‘bias’. In Natural Intelligence bias remains naturally but in artificial intelligence, if proper training is done, the biases may reduce. However, the training procedure is applicable also to Natural Intelligence but in a slightly different way. We will see this in the next section.

What if you introduce one-hot encoding for your qualitative variables, where good friendship is renamed as 0 and bad friendship is 1. So using the parameters of good friendship, an AI system can decide good and return the value 0.


One hot encoding is not directly the use of Qualitative data, but simple conversion. The human values are not used, only numbers are used.

It can tell to return $600 against the $500 too with some other variables.

Training Matters in both Natural intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.

In Artificial Intelligence when you train the system with the available data on the next run it would decide the things properly.

You select training data first, it is in terms of available data. It is just like a case study to understand how much of your other friends had returned your money when they were good. This is called supervised learning.

You can also train the data through probability and chances. Your friend X had said to you, he needs a cell phone for $300 as a gift from you, so you know he will return only $200. This is now an unsupervised way of learning/training.

Now, the computer also learns in the same way. This is Artificial Intelligence all about.

It is through pieces of training that the AI system learns. So if you have trained your AI system perfectly, the biases get down eventually. Given below at the end of the article is the process to train your Facebook/Youtube feed. Human beings are only trainers, remember Pokemon trainer. It is just like that.

Don’t you think, it happens same in the case of human intelligence too?

If your mind is trained perfectly, you would automatically know which friend to lend money to or which you should avoid. Now, this is what reduction in ‘bias’ of Natural Intelligence. However, the human mind is more than just lending money.

The human mind is extraordinary but not utilized.

Do, you know that the human mind is a great Quantum Computer itself. Billions of Neurons use the electrons to process great volumes of information.

There are some hypotheses like average human only use 10% of Brain for day-to-day functions. If someone uses 100% of their brain, they can control nature. Remember the movie ‘Lucy’. This is something like this only. However, this is all ‘fantasy inspired’ stuff. Let’s focus on reality.

There lived geniuses like Sakuntala Devi and Albert Einstein. They were naturally gifted humans. The greatest of human computers ever lived in history. What would have happened if someone would have told Shakuntala, “join dance classes instead of mathematics” and Einstein, “join the movie industry instead of physics”. They believed in their own voice and trained their mind to such an extent that their talent remained for a lifetime.

However, ‘Bias’ will always remain here in Natural Intelligence. Einstein couldn’t read ‘biology’, so he had that bias of not having greater biological understanding.

The ‘holistic world view’ or ‘holistic talents’ can reduce the ‘biasness’ but only one-two people in millions tend to get that view. They are the ‘Philosophers and Polymaths’. This ‘bias’ is based on evolution itself because every species including humans are planted by nature to fulfill some ‘ecological niche’ or some other sort of ‘niches’. You can be trained perfectly in that niche/s in order to do better things and live happily.

Artificial Intelligence is not always about Robots.

When someone triggers the term Artificial Intelligence people start imagining the robots. It is not the correct thing. Artificial intelligence is just the use of natural intelligence in the machine or system. Human intervention is required in order to control the artificial intelligence system. So think, if the human mind itself is trained for it, how it will replace Natural Intelligence?

This question is still deeper in terms of Natural Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence. The artificial intelligence system if trained for negative stuff and the human mind is not trained to use it then the problem may arise. Assume if some villain creates a system that kills people just like in the movies and he too dies without giving the formula to end the robot.

However, practically, artificial intelligence has been formed through academia only. People within academia know all if they get a proper education. In modern times due to competition, natural learning is faster and quicker. People can create a solution soon.

Human society is formed through trust and good so with the saying ‘good always wins’, there is no danger. Artificial intelligence cannot replace human intelligence. However, there are cons of AI systems other than robots, and these play directly with human intelligence. It’s happening daily for billions of humans.

Cons of Artificial intelligence in modern times.

In modern days the algorithms of major industry giants like Facebook etc. use artificial intelligence to provide better services to humans. However, there are cons associated with it.

When you like or react or comment on some social media posts. From the next time onwards the feed will start showing similar kinds of stuff only. I could see only spiritual-related posts in my parent’s feed and in my own feed there is more mixed content. It is because I intentionally react to all types of posts. For, some of my friends there is only a politics-related post. Now, this directly impacts the ‘holistic view’, you can understand the single kind properly but not all.

Here what is happening is, the social media algorithms are not letting you think beyond what your biases are. If you are like a photo of a politician or politics-related news items, from the next day your news feed starts showing all these things only.

The only solution for this is, you need to train your news feeds to make things good. Otherwise, Artificial Intelligence has taken over your natural intelligence. You are under the control of Artificial Intelligence. This is a fact and the war is already over here. It is better to make a child learn to code and make them understand how the AI system works.

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