An essay on my favorite teacher.

Lines on my favorite Teacher.

  1. My favorite teacher is Miss Gunja.
  2. She is always smiling and makes me laugh.
  3. She is like my friend who helps me with every work.
  4. My favorite teacher, miss Gunja never becomes angry.
  5. She loves each and every student in the class.

An essay on my favorite teacher, short paragraphs.

My favorite teacher is Miss Gunja, she is very much helpful to me in each and every field. Be it in schoolwork or be it in any other work. She is always helpful to me. My favorite school teacher is always smiling. She prefers to make students laugh. When she makes us laugh in class we understand the subject clearly.

Teachers are the backbone of society. Without them, the world becomes a place of no knowledge. It is hence very important to know the importance of teachers in life. From A-Z, 0-9, from apple to zebra, and from nursery to 12 the role of the teacher never becomes less.

My favorite teacher

Essay 3: An essay on my Favourite teacher, a longer essay. 

Miss Gunja teaches us Mathematics. Many of my friends say it is hard but she makes it too easy. This is the main reason why she is my favorite teacher. I think the job of a good teacher is to become fantastic while teaching. My favorite teacher, miss Gunja always amazes me with her way of teaching.

I and my friend never get bored in class when she is teaching her subject. Whenever I make mistakes she makes me realize my mistakes rather than shouting at me. This is the best quality of a good teacher. I always feel comfortable sharing my personal problems with her. No matter what, I am proud to call her my favorite teacher.

My favorite teacher, miss Gunja always believes in giving practical assignments. She uses information and technology mediums like computer presentations in all of her classes. She says we all can learn mathematics better using graphics because mathematics needs imagination. 

Due to the better use of information and technology, many other teachers have also learned its use from her.  Miss Gunja has taught so many things in my class besides the subject. She makes us disciplined, she makes us laugh, and she makes us feel happy.

She always says, to follow our passion and guides us to know our real talents. Miss Gunja is also very good at following her hobby. She always says, we need to follow our hobby, it makes us feel happy all the time.