Wear Mask and Spread Equality

Why do humans wear clothes? This is a very simple question and at the same time complex. We, as human beings, wear dresses to look good and protect our bodies from different seasons like summer, cold, rain, and much more. And during this period we change our clothes as per our convenience. Sometimes, we try to look like an actor or someone else. It completely depends on the situation. Similarly, we dress according to the event or celebration, because we want to be a part of it. No matter what dressing sense we like, we appreciate them. We all have different tastes in clothes, even we classify clothes according to gender. This dress is for men and that dress is for women. This is a very common thing in the world. It is not just about the dress, the classification of anything is visible everywhere such as race, caste, gender, ethnicity, religion, and much more. The roots of classification are very deep, and it is very complicated to break out of these classifications. But, some of us try to do away with these classifications.

I believe that classification will gradually end and spread the idea of ​​equality. But, this process is very slow, it takes time but definitely a day. I remember my school days when we all used to wear the same clothes or we call it school dresses. Why do we wear school uniforms, what does it teach? We all know that we dress alike because every learner can learn the lesson of equality and equanimity. We are all equal during school hours, not by their experiences, but by their looks or clothes or appearances. Similarly, Covid spread the idea of ​​equality and equanimity. Here the question arises how?

We all know that Corona does not have any specific medicine to treat patients. Our countries made vaccines to secure the lives of the people of our country but that vaccine is only reducing the intensity of the coronavirus. We all appreciate our medical teams and on the other hand, every person in the country who supports them immensely. Awareness is the only medicine to stop coronavirus. To stop this virus, we all started wearing masks, there is no concession for any person not to wear a mask. Directly and indirectly, we all want to stop this virus by our actions. And yes we all started wearing masks and saved ourselves from this Novel Corona. And wearing masks spread the idea of ​​equality as we all wear masks as per our convenience. We all want to be safe and make other safes out of this virus, so we all wear masks. This is a new outfit for all. This creates a genderless society as we are not classifying anyone on the basis of masks. This mask is for men and that for women. Mask is for everyone and we all want to wear it to save our earth from this deadly virus. And the mask is the new outfit for everyone.

Now here a question arises that when a dress is worn properly it looks good or not. Because each outfit has its own proper style of wearing, you don’t look so good when you’re not wearing a proper outfit. And mostly, we all try to wear any dress in a good way. Then why, are we not wearing masks properly. Why are we not covering our nose and mouth properly? This mask is for us, for our safety, for those people who are working day and night to protect us from this deadly virus. Wear this new outfit in the right style, it protects you from viruses, also protects others. I know, some of us are not comfortable wearing it in the beginning but think of those people who lost their loved ones. Think for once why I am saying this because I suffered. If you start practicing holding it, it will come into regular practice. You will feel comfortable. We (all) think that we have taken the vaccine dose and that vaccine has protected us. Actually no, that vaccine only reduces the intensity of the virus and nothing else. But think about those people who got infected with this virus again because of our carelessness. We are not wearing masks properly and again we are spreading it in a big way.

In the end, all I say is that please wear a mask only, not as a compulsion. Wear it, like a new outfit. Wear it to spread the idea of ​​equality. And feel proud, you are supporting the people who are working day and night for us.