Essay on School Picnic

A School Picnic is always a matter of fun. Sometimes we need a break from books and studies. Picnic is the best thing to do with friends. After, exams and during vacations, a picnic can be done at best. One of my favorite schools was that picnic at the Science Park in Sikkim. It was one of the most memorable journeys for us.

Science Parks are something best to be explored. We can see a lot of science-related kinds of stuff. In the park, we can sit and enjoy our leisure time whole dancing and eating. We are freed from homework and class works during the picnic.

My experiences with the School Picnic.

I traveled to various places for the school picnic. One of my first experiences was off having fun inside the vehicle while playing Antakshari. It is an Indian way of speaking parlor game where you are given a letter from which you sing. In whichever letter the song ends, the other has to start from the same. This is one of the most favorable moments inside the vehicle as well as during the picnic.

In-School Picnics we can also see the social side of our teachers. They too enjoy themselves with us. Some of our teachers are very good at singing and dancing. Some of them are really good cooks too. We get to know various other talents of our friends and teachers during the school picnic.  

essay on school picnic

10 lines essay on school picnic.

  1. A School Picnic is one of the most memorable things in any student’s life.
  2. During school picnics, there is no homework or classwork pressure.
  3. The best time for a school picnic is after the exams or during the winter vacation or any other holiday.
  4. Students and Teachers bring the food from their houses which we share while eating.
  5. At the school picnic, we enjoy playing the Indian version of the Spoken Parlor Game called Antakshri.
  6. We don’t have to wear school uniform during the picnic
  7. We can wear whatever we want during any school picnic.
  8. There are many places to visit during a School Picnic.
  9. The best place to visit during the school picnic is a theme park or science park.
  10. School Picnic is a place where we are freed from all our school-related stresses.