An Essay on Discipline for students.

Discipline is the most important part of one’s life. Without discipline, no one can succeed in life. Be it discipline in school or at home we need to be in discipline. Being in discipline teaches us to be humble and well-respected in society. It is the surest way to earn a name in society. In-School life, our teacher teaches us to become disciplined. Whenever we don’t follow discipline we automatically get punishment.

Essay on discipline

10-line essay on discipline for Students

  1. In school and at home, we have to do the following things to remain disciplined.
  2. We have to maintain punctuality and go to school on time.
  3. We have to cut our nails regularly.
  4. We have to brush our teeth daily.
  5. We should always wake up early in the morning
  6. We have to do exercise daily.
  7. Respecting the elders and helping them cross the road is a good manner.
  8. We shouldn’t differentiate between a boy and a girl in society.
  9. Whenever we see our teachers we have to wish them.
  10. We should respect our National Culture and all the heritages.

It brings great perfection to our life through the learning process. It trains our minds for long-term goals. It makes us understand the rules and regulations of the nation and society. It also makes to live our lives with dignity.

We can conclude that discipline makes us well-respected in society. It teaches us how to live a better life.