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Why are forests important for mitigating Climate Change?

Forests are important for mitigating Climate Change because they provide one of the most important strategies to deal with climate change i.e. Carbon Sink. Here are a few facts from the Article. Overview of the problem. Due to excess greenhouse gases, the atmosphere of the earth contains more trapped heat. This causes an increase in … Read more

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10 Lines on Pollution for Children and Students in English

In these 10 lines on pollution, we are going to understand why pollution is the most dangerous problem faced by Earth. We will also see the potential solution to the problem of pollution. Set1: 10 Lines on Pollution in English Set 2: 10 Lines on Pollution. Set 3: 10 points on pollution. Set 4: 10 … Read more

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An essay on my country and best paragraphs.

We have collected the 5 best essays on my country India with paragraphs of 200 words for school students. One: An Essay on My Country (200 words). My Country India is one of the best nations in the world. I am proud to be an Indian. In this Essay on My Country, we are going … Read more

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An Essay on global warming and effects.

In the whole earth’s history, Global warming is one of the biggest problems faced by the earth. The glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, rivers are drying, states are facing droughts and many more problems are caused by global warming. In India so far thousands of people are affected due to the harmful impacts … Read more

Shradha, Nature’s own girl with the soul of Art.

Art and the artist are life partners. It is significantly said by Thomas Merton “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Art is the true way of absorption within ourselves. True happiness gets into you in no time when you see shining faces in the audience. Today, it is a … Read more

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10 lines on importance of trees and the benefits of the plantation.

Trees play a vital role in taking carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles and industries. Their plantation helps us in the maintenance of our environment. We know that while breathing we take oxygen and give carbon dioxide. Trees do just the opposite, they take carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. Here we will see 10 lines … Read more

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What is Ozone Layer? 5 top facts and diagram.

The ozone layer protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays by absorbing them before they reach Earth’s surface. The ozone layer is made up of three layers that surround our planet. It absorbs most of the sun’s UV radiation, protecting life on Earth from dangerous levels of UV exposure. Where is the ozone layer located? The … Read more